Trait: H to M Cup

Trait deleted

This trait has been removed from the database, and cannot be used or re-added. File a request on the discussion board if you disagree with this.

Trait: H to M Cup

Traits > Body > Features > Apparent Breast Sizes > Big Breast Sizes > H to M Cup

This character's breasts are H to M cup size.

The cup size should come from a reliable source such as the game itself or the developer's website. Don't try to guess a character's cup size, if they are just big use E+ cup instead (standard trait for large breast). This trait should be used to find documented exploding (Bakunyuu) breast girls like for example: link, link

Following Japanese/EU realistic chart: link


All characters have been moved to other traits and it has become obsolete. Deleting.


Can not be directly applied to characters.

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