Trait: Hands Free Orgasm

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Trait: Hands Free Orgasm

Traits > Subject of (Sexual) > Hands Free Orgasm

This character is subject of a "hands free orgasm".

Under the term "hands free orgasm" goes a male (submissive) sexual practice where someone reaches an orgasm without touching his penis and without his penis being touched: this means that the penis of the person achieving a "hands free orgasm" should not take part in any roles during the sexual scene such as penetration and masturbation.
The orgasm is instead achieved through a secondary source of pleasure, usually anal penetration (finger, dildo or penis) or through masochistic pain generated by being whipped or by being subject of others BDSM hurting practices.

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DENIED: The title alone will invite misuse (for what this trait is trying to achieve) and bloating as it could apply to any situation where a character orgasms without the use of someone's hands. Also, the term is also associated with people achieving orgasm through hypnosis and the like, male or female.

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