Trait: Erotic Mummification

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This character is subject of mummification or total enclosure fetishism.

1) Mummification - a BDSM practice that involves restraining a living person's body in a non-damaging way by wrapping it head to toe, or neck to toe, in materials like saran wrap, clingfilm, cloth, bandages, rubber strips, duct tape, plaster bandages, bodybags, straitjackets, latex or rubber suits, gas masks. As the name states the end result is a person completely immobilized and looking like an Egyptian mummy.
2) Total Enclosure Fetishism - a BDSM practice where a person become aroused when having entire body enclosed in a certain way: zentai suit, vacuum bed, sleepsack, body bags.

These practices tend to achieve sensory deprivation: a mix of total bodily helplessness, claustrophobia and pleasure. Some body parts like mouth, penis or vagina can be left out from the wrappings or enclosure so they can be stimulated by the master to achieve maximum sensation through optional sensation play.

NSFW Latex Bodysuit Mummification
NSFW Tape Mummification
NSFW Bed Enclosure 1
NSFW Bed Enclosure 2

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Total Enclosure Fetishism

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