Trait: Confinement in a Simulated Reality

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This character is confined in a simulated reality, involuntarily or voluntarily.

While this trait applies to anybody confined in any kind of simulated reality, the "Lotus-Eater Machine" scenario refers to a specific variety of confinement in a simulated reality. In this, a character, usually the protagonist, is knocked out or goes to sleep and wakes up in their own personal paradise. In reality, they're being held prisoner by another character who, using technology, magic or other methods, induces very intense and very realistic hallucinations. Sometimes the lotus-eater doesn't know it's all fake. Sometimes they do know but don't care. [Edited from TV Tropes]

NOTE: By the very nature of this trait, the majority- if not all- of its instances would be spoilers. Please apply spoilers accordingly.

Lotus-Eater Machine
Trapped in a Simulated Reality


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