Trait: Bisexual Sex

Trait deleted

This trait has been removed from the database, and cannot be used or re-added. File a request on the discussion board if you disagree with this.

Trait: Bisexual Sex

Traits > Engages in (Sexual) > Bisexual Sex

This character has sex with both men and women during the course of the visual novel.

Note: Bisexual Sex and Lesbian Sex / Men with Men Sex are NOT mutually exclusive. Lesbian Sex is applicable whenever a female has sex with another female without a male in the mix, regardless whether the same character has sex with male(s) as well at some other point. In fact, the only way for Bisexual Sex to be tagged without Lesbian Sex or Men with Men Sex being relevant, is if sex with a same sex partner always happens as a part of a group sex of mixed genders.


Deleted: Too much of a potential mess after all.

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