Trait: Imouto Complex

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Trait: Imouto Complex

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It's the opposite of obacon: attraction to younger women.

The important point is that the lolicon go after only younger and/or more immature women than him/her (mentally and/or physically speaking).

The age difference may be minimal, or the character who interests the bearer of this trait may just look a lot younger and yet being older than the character wearing this trait.

Don't confuse with Siscon when the character only loves her/his younger sister.

Use both traits if the character likes younger women and her/his younger sister is among her/his romantic interests.

Don't confuse with Pedophilia, which refers to a character who has an interest in children, that is to say individuals who have not reached their sexual majority (depends on the country).


Denied. Would be more trouble than it's worth.

Little Sisters-like Complex
Lolita Complex