Trait: Damaged Hymen

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Trait: Damaged Hymen

Traits > Role > Not a Virgin > Damaged Hymen
Traits > Engages in (Sexual) > Virgin Sex > Damaged Hymen

The hymen of this character was damaged outside of a sexual relationship with a partner. It may have been damaged because of tampons, masturbation or participation in strenuous physical activities such as [url)]gymnastics[/url], Sport of athletics or horseback riding.

Only applies to female characters.

/**/For moderators (to delete if the trait is accepted):

Sorry, I had never seen this post previously, but I think you're right, "Technical Virgin" as I defined previously would be over used for female knights gang raped by orcs and it wasn't for these girls at all that I thought for this kind of trait but after reflection for those who have a real story behind this and that it is an important dramatic element, it is better to think for another more appropriate trait.

I think this one can fit well for girls who damaged their hymen without having sex, what do you think? (source of my definition)

I had an idea for other similar traits (not 50 don't worry) and I would rely on the criticisms that you will make me on that one to improve them before proposing them to moderation.

Hymen Broken Outside a Sexual Intercourse