Trait: Strong

Trait deleted

This trait has been removed from the database, and cannot be used or re-added. File a request on the discussion board if you disagree with this.

Trait: Strong

Traits > Body > Features > Strong

This character is strong. They have the power to move heavy weights or perform other physically demanding tasks.


Denied. The first issue is that it doesn't really fit anywhere on the trait tree. i56 is for actually visible, immediately obvious physical features (horns, forked tongue, elf ears, etc.), strong does not fit there. It doesn't really fit anywhere else either though.

And then there's the fact that it's too generic. If the strength of the character is an actual feature of the body (as in, they are muscular), then we have i122 covering that already. So what we don't have tagged are characters who are no muscular, but kinda still strong. problem is, this is very much subjective. Also, how would the trait work with random shounen powerups, magical/scientific body enhancements and the like.

Great Strength