Trait: High-class Prostitute

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This character is a high-class prostitute.

This can take many forms: working as a host or hostess for a high-class club and providing sexual services aside of other things, being an escort (providing sexual services) for rich businessmen, being a paid mistress of a high-class client, a personal entertainer of sorts (eg. geisha) offering sexual services aside of other forms of entertainment and so on. The point is, that this character isn't a street prostitute or a high school-girl doing the dirty in a love hotel. Instead, they are sought after for their services by the elite of society who are willing to pay fortunes for a night spent with them. A night, that often includes dinners in high-class restaurants, escorting, private dance or music performances and the like, not just sex.

Note that a lot of the above mentioned jobs (hostess, geisha, escort, etc.) can be done without any sexual connotations. Please only tag the characters who actually offer sexual services as well.

High-class Courtesan
High Class Courtesan
High Class Prostitute
Paid Mistress
High-Class Escort
High Class Escort


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