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Trait: Bondage Fist Mitts

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Traits > Subject of (Sexual) > BDSM > Bondage Fist Mitts

This character wears fist mitts.

Fist mitts are a piece of bondage equipment used to restrain movement.
Fist mitts can look like animal paws and are normally used during a pet play bondage scene.
Paw fist mitts differs from paw gloves in:
- material: paw fist mitts are made of leather or latex
- purpose: paw fist mitts are used to restrain during bondage

Example Fist Mitts
NSFW Example 2 Fist Mitts
NSFW Example Paw Fist Mitts

Indicates sexual content.

Paw Fist Mitts
Bondage Mittens


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