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The sukeban was a truly unique subculture in Japanese society. The term 'sukeban' was created by Japanese police to categorise and explain the rise of teenage all-female street gangs in the 1960s. Meaning 'delinquent girl' or 'girl boss', the sukeban were groups of teenage girls that protested against society with their altered fashion, radical solidarity and being involved in offences such as, violence, theft and drug use. They protested against mainstream gender norms and feminine expectations in a male-dominated society. The idea of a woman 'behaving badly' went against the gender norms of how a woman is supposed to act, and provided a thrilling way to challenge society. In addition, the expectations of how a woman dressed were restricting and sexist, and the sukeban weren't going to accept this anymore and that's why they altered their look.
The common signifiers of sukeban fashion include:
- long skirt opposed to mini-skirt
- blouses were cut short to expose the waist
- brightly dyed or permed hair
- school shoes were replaced with Converse sneakers
- wearing coloured socks
- rolled up sleeves
- weapons like chains, baseball bat or katana

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