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Trait: Penile Masturbation

Traits > Engages in (Sexual) > Masturbation > Penile Masturbation

Indicates sexual content.

Penis Masturbation
Male Masturbation
Penis Stroking


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Aaron SimpsonThe World with No Memory
Abe ReijiTantei Seven
AdrianComing to Grips with Christine, Getting to Know Christine, Life With Keeley
Aiden BlackThe Lost Love
Akiyama HiroyukiNO,THANK YOU!!!
AlexTrouble in Paradise
AlexFemboy Besties
AlexFemboy Bangers - Pub & Grill
AlexHappy Memories: I Summoned A What...?
AlexDesire of Fate, Solvalley School, Xmas Bonus
AllenDear Monster
AlonsoFamily at Home
AnonFriendship with Benefits
Anon CummingsSummertime Saga
AoiOtoshigoro Gakuen
Asakura MasakiSPOTLIGHT ~Senbou to Yokubou no Hazama~
Ashifuji SatoshiNamaiki ~Kissuisou e Youkoso!~
Asmodeus NightwoodDaemons, Damsels, and Mythical Milfs
AsteriskEvenicle, Evenicle Gaiten
AyaThis will Never End
AzumaParadise, Paradise -KIWAME-, Paradise -MUSUBI-
Azuma KenjiShiori no Kotoha ~Misshitsu Toshokan no Ikenie~
Azumi SeijiRoom No.9
BartenderDating My Daughter
BastianSynthetic Lover
Bernard GrahamGood Girl Gone Bad
Brandon SimpsonPicture Perfect
Brian SteeleNo More Secrets
Bryan ElliotBloodlines of Shadow Springs
Camille Maezono ChabrierKenzen! Hentai Kouboku no Tsutome
CarlosSerena: Dark confessions
Chad Johnson Thundercock JuniorOut of Touch!
Chadwick MaddoxLewd Town Adventures
ChrisThe Visit
ChrisLust Legacy
CirceTrans Goetia
Connor HardingMidnight Paradise
CoreyParty with Friends
CullenClara's Love Hotel
DaddyI Love Daddy
Daidouji KaoruOre Dake ni Bitch na Itoko wa, Yankee-kei Otoko no Ko! Rival Toujou! Desu, Ore Dake ni Bitch na Itoko wa, Yankee-kei Otoko no Ko! Zutto Issho na Vacation!
Danny JonesInsatiable
Danny JonesInsatiable
DanyaThe Symbiant, The Symbiant Re:Union
DickLaughter Land
DickonLong Live the Princess
Donald CornholioLewd Town Adventures
Dorian SandfortSerena: Dark confessions