Trait: Tentacle Blowjob

Traits > Engages in (Sexual) > Non-penetrative Sex > Tentacle Blowjob

This character performs fellatio on one or more tentacles. Apply i3193 to the receiving character.

Do NOT use this trait in case of tentacles navigating all the body starting from mouth and reaching pussy or anus, in that case it's considered penetration; just use: All The Way Through

NSFW Example 1, NSFW Example 2
NSFW Example Multiple Tentacles 1, NSFW Example Multiple Tentacles 2

Sexual content

Tentacle Mouth Fuck

 Aimoto TakakoShokushulien -Ingoku no Dai...
 AlfinaVenus Blood
 Brigid RapidfangVenus Blood -Chimera-
 CasalunaVenus Blood -Desire-
 ClaufiaVenus Blood -Desire-
 DanaVenus Blood -Chimera-
 EreedVenus Blood -Desire-
 Euphilia VaudenbergVenus Blood
 FenaVenus Blood -Frontier-
 FenrirVenus Blood -Frontier-
 Ibata KanaShokushulien -Ingoku no Dai...
 IdilyaVenus Blood -Desire-
 JormVenus Blood -Frontier-
 Mian StuartVenus Blood
 Minerva SchoenbergVenus Blood -Chimera-
 Mizeoka ReikoShokushulien -Ingoku no Dai...
 Morooka AoiShokushulien -Ingoku no Dai...
 Morooka YurikoShokushulien -Ingoku no Dai...
 PelserraVenus Blood -Desire-
 RigretVenus Blood -Frontier-
 RtunaVenus Blood -Desire-
 RtunaVenus Blood -Desire-
 TyrcaVenus Blood -Frontier-