Trait: Spiky Bun

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This character has their hair in a bun or a simple bun-like updo with tips of the hair sticking up at the top.
Their hair is gathered at the back of the head, folded up, pinned to back of head (typically secured with a hairclip), forming a shape similar to a bird wing, with hair tips sticking up at the top of the "bun".

Contrary to the name, the hair tips don't have to be spiky, they can be blunt as well. The tips can droop a little, but if they are drooping lower than the "bun" part of the hairstyle, consider using Ponytail instead.

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If the "bun" part of the updo is loose enough that you can see through it most of the time, use Hair Loopies instead.
Example 5

Bird Wing Bun
Bird Wing Updo
Teardrop Bun
Teardrop Updo
Ponytail Bun
Simple Updo
Spiky Updo


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