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Trait: Ao Dai

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This character wears an Áo dài.

The Áo dài is the national formal dress of Vietnam. The modern design of Áo dài consists of a two-piece garment: a long tunic that is usually collared, long-sleeved and is worn over trousers. This long tunic extends down to the wearer’s shin, or all the way to their feet and is split on both sides from the waist down, creating a front and rear flap. The Áo dài can also be paired with traditional headwear, such as the ”Nón lá” conical hat or the ”Khăn vấn” turban.

The Áo dài is most often seen being worn by women and is usually portrayed with the appeal of feminine beauty. Because of this, the Áo dài is often thought to be a women’s only costume outside of Vietnam. However, there are Áo dài costumes for men, though they are more rarely seen than their female counterpart due to usually being worn only on traditional wedding or other formal occasions.

Áo Dài


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