Trait: Online Content Creator

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By NaioHoras on 2022-05-14 at 13:15
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actually, I'm starting to think that i3666 can only be applied to very few situations, so I want this trait instead.
intended as an umbrella trait for mainly-online occupations. you can deny i3666 if you think it's unnecessary since it can be achieved by applying this trait + i812.

I think people know what a content creator is in this point, but I put a lot of example and borderlines as foolproof.

i2825, i3312 and i2313 would be its child traits.

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Trait: Online Content Creator

Traits > Role > Online Content Creator

This character is an online content creator.

An online content creator is someone who mainly creates material to be expressed through people on the internet. It could be a video, an edited image, a website, app, or anything in between. It might be monitized in order to make a living, or simply done as a hobby. Examples of online content creator are Bloggers, online publishers, newsletter authors, podcasters, YouTubers, course creators, and video game streamers.

Note that the content in question should be created intentionally in order to be served to an audience, so anything for personal use shouldn't be counted, e.g. a personal Virtual Avatar used in a game. A person whose social media is never intended to be served as "content" should not be counted either, even when they have a lot of followers.
So what important is an audience, content, and intention.