Trait: Breast Smothering

Traits > Subject of (Sexual) > Strangulation Sex > Breast Smothering

This character is the recipient of a sexual scene involving breast smothering. Apply Engages in (Sexual) > Breast Smothering to the performing character.

Breast smothering is a particular type of erotic asphyxiation and is the act of depriving someone of oxygen by pressing his head against (usually huge) breast. Breast smothering is common in VN involving shotacon, mother/son relationship or BDSM.

Smothering helps reinforce the dominant and submissive relationship of a BDSM couple, as the dominant has complete power. A submissive’s feelings of pleasure are often enhanced by the weight or pressure they feel on their body. They may also enjoy the taste and smell of their partner in such close proximity. As with any activity which cuts off a person’s air supply, the submissive may also feel euphoric sensations caused through lack of oxygen.

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Indicates sexual content.


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