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This character is refered to as a Jock.

The term jock, when used in the United States and Canada, refers to the classic stereotype of a male athlete. It is generally a negative stereotype, and is attributed mostly to high school and college athletics participants who form a distinct youth subculture. In sociology, the jock is thought to be included within the socialite subculture, which also contains the preps and Ivy-Leaguers. As a blanket term, jock can be considered synonymous with athlete.

Similar words that may mean the same as "jock" include "meathead," "musclebrain," and "musclehead." These terms are based on the stereotype that a jock is muscular, but not very smart, and cannot carry a conversation on any topic other than one relating to sports or exercise.

This trait does not refer to the job but the personality stereotype that comes with the people that are usually associated with this job.


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