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Pink Tea Games

Primary language: English
Official website - VNStat

Creates pornographic flash games for Newgrounds.


Slave Lord
2017-02-2018+Slave Lord - Download Edition 1.4.1Pub & Dev
2017-02-2018+Slave Lord 1.4.1Pub & Dev
Slave Lords of the Galaxy
2017-08-0418+Slave Lords of the Galaxy - Download Edition 1.0.1Pub & Dev
2017-08-1118+Slave Lords of the Galaxy 1.0.1Pub & Dev
Elven Conquest 2
2020-06-1218+Elven Conquest 2 - Patreon Exclusive Download Edition 1.0.0Pub & Dev
2020-06-1218+Elven Conquest 2 1.0.0Pub & Dev
Elven Conquest
2020-06-2918+Elven Conquest - Patreon Exclusive Download Edition 1.0.1Pub & Dev
202018+Elven Conquest 1.0.1Pub & Dev
Together Again
2021-06-2118+Together Again v0.2.6Pub & Dev
2021-08-1218+Together Again Patreon Exclusive Download Edition v1.0Pub & Dev
2021-08-1218+Slave of Passion v1.0Pub & Dev
Slave Lord - Realms of Bondage
2021-08-31Slave Lord - Realms of Bondage v0.0.2Pub & Dev