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Voltage Entertainment USA

Primary language: English
Official website - VNStat

Parent producer: Voltage Inc.

Voltage Inc.'s USA subsidiary.
Produced mobile otome games through the "Lovestruck: Choose Your Romance" app.
Dissolved by its parent company in 2022. (Source)


To Love & Protect
2013-04-0217+To Love & ProtectPub & Dev
2017-07-2517+To Love & ProtectPub & Dev
Speakeasy Tonight
2013-11-2017+Speakeasy TonightPub & Dev
2017-05-0217+Speakeasy TonightPub & Dev
Queen's Gambit
2014-12-2917+Queen's GambitPub & Dev
Astoria: Fate's Kiss
2015-07-1513+Astoria: Fate's KissPub & Dev
2017-03-0117+Astoria: Fate's KissPub & Dev
Kisses & Curses
2016-02-2413+Kisses & CursesPub & Dev
2016-02-29Kisses & CursesPub & Dev
Gangsters in Love
2016-03-1017+Gangsters in LovePub & Dev
2017-03-0117+Gangsters in LovePub & Dev
Castaway! Love's Adventure
2016-09-0117+Castaway! Love's AdventurePub & Dev
2017-03-0117+Castaway! Love's AdventurePub & Dev
Love and Legends
2017-03-0117+Love and LegendsPub & Dev
Starship Promise
2017-06-1517+Starship PromisePub & Dev
Havenfall Is for Lovers
2017-09-0817+Havenfall Is for LoversPub & Dev
Villainous Nights
2018-02-2617+Villainous NightsPub & Dev
Astoria: Lost Kisses
2018-06-2517+Astoria: Lost KissesPub & Dev
Sweet Enchantments
2018-10-1117+Sweet EnchantmentsPub & Dev
Queen of Thieves
2019-03-1317+Queen of ThievesPub & Dev
Sin with Me
2019-06-2217+Sin with MePub & Dev
Reigning Passions
2019-09-2117+Reigning PassionsPub & Dev
A Cosmic Match
2020-02-1717+A Cosmic MatchPub & Dev
Wicked Lawless Love
2020-03-1317+Wicked Lawless LovePub & Dev
Enchanted Nights
2020-03-1817+Enchanted NightsPub & Dev
Tales of the Wild
2020-04-2217+Tales of the WildPub & Dev
Ever After Academy
2020-06-0617+Ever After AcademyPub & Dev
My Siren Crush
2020-11-2817+My Siren CrushPub & Dev
Immortal Heart Society
2021-05-1617+Immortal Heart SocietyPub & Dev
Edge Case Love's Pursuit
2021-11-1817+Edge Case Love's PursuitPub & Dev