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Black Package Try Undercover

Amateur group
Primary language: Japanese
a.k.a. BP TRY UNDER COVER, BP-TRY-UC, ブラックパッケージトライアンダーカバー
Official website - VNStat

Originated from: Black Package

Doujin circle formed by Black Package employees. The circle publishes undercover ("UC") editions of Black Package products as doujin releases.


Ore no Miko-sama ~Ore Miko~
2014-11-2018+Ore Miko UCPub
Erokko Grow Up
2016-08-0318+Erokko Grow Up UCPub
Himawarigaoka Sougou Byouin e Youkoso ♥
2016-10-2118+Himawarigaoka Sougou Byouin e Youkoso ♥ UCPub