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BlueMoon Production

Primary language: Indonesian
a.k.a. BMP, aria_9107
Official website - VNStat

Bluemoon Production is an individual movement that aims to develop games with minimal production costs with decent results. We mostly make short visual novels with easy-to-understand story lines and other games. We also made several game assets. BlueMoon Production was first established in 2016 with four members and was revitalized into an individual movement in 2020.


Love-Enmity Station
2020-07-1315+Love-Enmity Station (Prologue)Pub & Dev
2020-07-1515+Love-Enmity Station (Full Game)Pub & Dev
2020-08-1515+Love-Enmity Station Android EditionPub & Dev
Lavender Love Letter
2020-07-1915+Lavender Love Letter (Prologue)Pub & Dev
TBA15+Lavender Love Letter (Full Game)Pub & Dev
Retina Park-Last Service
2020-07-2612+Retina Park-Last ServicePub & Dev
2020-08-0312+Retina Park-Last ServicePub & Dev