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Primary language: English
a.k.a. Shino
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tender feelings like water
2020-04-26Alltender feelings like waterPub & Dev
2021-08-11Alltender feelings like water v2Pub & Dev
2021-08-17Alltender feelings like water v1.2Pub & Dev
Follower A
2020-05-10AllFollower APub & Dev
2021-07-30AllFollower A v1.2Pub & Dev
2021-08-12AllFollower A v1.3Pub & Dev
Moon Archer Shooting Stars
2020-07-25AllMoon Archer Shooting StarsPub & Dev
2020-08-10AllMoon Archer Shooting Stars v1.1Pub & Dev
2021-08-08AllMoon Archer Shooting Stars v1.21Pub & Dev
2022-02-05AllMoon Archer Shooting Stars v1.23Pub & Dev
Heart's Blight
2020-10-0112+Heart's BlightPub & Dev
2021-02-1912+Heart's BlightPub & Dev
Crystal Colors
2021-01-15Crystal ColorsDev
from that moment she neglected the world
2021-04-01from that moment she neglected the worldPub & Dev
2021-10-13from that moment she neglected the world v1.11Pub & Dev
Draw No More
2021-07-16Draw No MorePub & Dev
Dear Genny
2021-07-1813+Dear GennyDev
2021-07-2113+Dear GennyDev
Who is the Red Queen?
2021-10-01Who is the Red Queen?Pub & Dev
2022-08-15Who is the Red Queen? (drm-free)Dev
Lachesis ∨ Atropos
2022-09-30Lachesis ∨ AtroposPub & Dev
2023-07-18Lachesis or AtroposDev
Consummation ~ wind above the dragon sea ~
2023-06-28Consummation ~ wind above the dragon sea ~ (PROTOTYPE)Pub & Dev
The Final Prize is Soup
2023-10-0117+The Final Prize is SoupPub & Dev