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Alyssa Genereau

Primary language: English
a.k.a. Drone Garden Studios
Official website - VNStat

Drone Garden Studios is a one-woman game development team from the Texas coast!

She's been dabbling in game design since 2020. She specializes in visual novels and interactive fiction, but has been branching out to RPGs, walking sims, journaling TTRPGs, and digital zines. Most of her stories are robotics and/or romance themed, but she's starting to branch away from that and try new themes.


1 For Yes, 0 For No
2020-11-061 For Yes, 0 For NoPub & Dev
Man, Alien & the AI: 153 Edition
2022-09-01Man, Alien & the AI: 153 EditionPub & Dev
Clash: Robot Detective
2022-09-24Clash: Robot Detective - Original VersionPub & Dev
2022-09-24Clash: Robot Detective - Complete EditionPub & Dev
Clash: Blue Mirage
2022-12-31Clash: Blue Mirage - Demo (drm-free)Pub & Dev
2024-03-08Clash: Blue Mirage - Early AccessPub & Dev
The (Red) Drum of War
2024-03-15The (Red) Drum of War (drm-free)Pub & Dev