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Kristi Jimenez

Primary language: English
a.k.a. HusbandoGoddess
Official website - VNStat

An indie game developer and streamer from United States with a B.A. in writing, editing, and publishing from Emmanuel College. and Twitter


A Marble's Muse
2020-12-23All agesA Marble's Muse - DemoPub & Dev
2022A Marble's MusePub & Dev
Loving You Fully
2021-03-01Loving You FullyPub & Dev
The Puppet Whisperer
2021-07-27All agesThe Puppet WhispererPub & Dev
Another Day
2021-09-19Another DayPub & Dev
Panicked and Surrounded by Hot Vampires
2022-01-02Panicked and Surrounded by Hot VampiresPub & Dev