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Tico Translations

Primary language: English
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2019-02-1515+Menherafflesia (unofficial)Pub
Saikoro Psycho
2021-05-0615+Dice Psycho (unofficial)Pub
Daisuki - The Her Adonis -
2021-06-0615+Daisuki - The Her Adonis - (unofficial patch)Pub
Torikago Seven Days
2021-06-2115+Torikago Seven Days (unofficial patch)Pub
Yumemi Melancholy
2021-06-24Yumemi Melancholy (unofficial patch)Pub
Kubitori Sarasa
2021-09-06Kubitori Sarasa (unofficial patch)Pub
Hansel to Gretel DS
2021-10-0315+Hansel and Gretel DS (unofficial patch)Pub
Glass Hime
2021-11-30Glass Princess (unofficial)Pub