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Milky Way Translations

Primary language: Spanish
a.k.a. Moonlight Translations
Official website - VNStat

Translates visual novels that include otomes into Spanish.


The Doll and the Spider
2020-11-14The Doll and the Spider (unofficial)Pub
Tomato Soup for the Heart
2021-02-15Tomato Soup for the Heart (unofficial)Pub
Cinderella Phenomenon
2021-05-28AllCinderella Phenomenon (unofficial patch)Pub
The Iron Heart Witch
2021-07-02The Iron Heart Witch (unofficial)Pub
Cinderella Phenomenon: Evermore
2021-11-02AllCinderella Phenomenon: Evermore (unofficial patch)Pub
Do Not Kill Me Jacob!!
2021-11-16Do Not Kill Me Jacob!! (unofficial)Pub
2021-11-17404 SHINIGAMI (unofficial)Pub
The Demon Lord is Mine!
2021-11-1813+The Demon Lord Is Mine! (unofficial)Pub
One Hell of a Coffee Shop
2021-11-19One Hell of a Coffee Shop (unofficial patch)Pub
2021-11-2113+Vampire†Hunter (unofficial)Pub
2021-11-28Trauma (unofficial patch)Pub
Reunion of Angel
TBAReunion of Angel (unofficial patch)Pub
Pizzaro Project Deep Dish
TBAPizzaro Project Deep Dish (unofficial patch)Pub