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Studio Jikkenshitsu


Primary language: Japanese
a.k.a. Studio Laboratory
Official website - VNStat

Originated from: Wolf Team
Parent brand: Ether Interline

Originated from Wolf Team, the staff created the doujin circle Studio Jikkenshitsu before updating its status as a company. Later, Studio Jikkenshitsu Co. Ltd. renamed itself as Ether Interline when they decided to create their own brands when before they mostly created games for the Space Project company.


Princess Danger
1994-04-2118+Princess DangerDev
1994-0418+Princess DangerDev
1996-04-1918+Princess DangerDev
Kikai Jikake no Marian
1994-0818+Kikai Jikake no MarianDev
1994-10-0718+Kikai Jikake no MarianDev
1998-11-2018+Kikai Jikake no MarianDev
Bunny Hunter Zero
1995-04-2818+Bunny Hunter ZeroDev
1996-07-1218+Bunny Hunter ZeroDev
Kurumi-chan Ninja
1995-07-2818+Kurumi-chan NinjaDev
Be Happy! Koi Mau Gakuen
1997-09-2618+Be Happy! Koi Mau GakuenDev
Mars ★ Ball
1998-02-2718+Mars ★ BallDev
Princess Danger 2
1998-04-1018+Princess Danger 2Dev
Gekka Bijin
1998-05-2918+Gekka BijinDev
2002-08-3018+Gekka Bijin 1-2 DVD PackDev
Dungeon Burai
1998-10-3018+Dungeon BuraiDev
Motif ~Sepia-iro no Sobyou~
1998-11-2718+Motif ~Sepia-iro no Sobyou~Dev
Kegarenaki Kimi o ~Tenshi to Akuma no Hazama~
1999-02-1818+Kegarenaki Kimi o ~Tenshi to Akuma no Hazama~Dev
Zoku Gekka Bijin ~Ouka no Koro~
1999-05-2818+Zoku Gekka Bijin ~Ouka no Koro~ First Press EditionDev
1999-05-2818+Zoku Gekka Bijin ~Ouka no Koro~ Regular EditionDev
2002-08-3018+Gekka Bijin 1-2 DVD PackDev
Megami no Haka
1999-09-1018+Megami no Haka - First Press EditionDev
1999-09-1018+Megami no Haka - Regular EditionDev
Nagaremono no Komoriuta
1999-11-2618+Nagaremono no Komoriuta - First Press Limited EditionDev
1999-11-2618+Nagaremono no Komoriuta - Regular EditionDev
2003-04-2418+Nagaremono no Komoriuta - DVDPGDev
Rakuen Meikyuu Pet
2000-06-0218+Rakuen Meikyuu PetDev
2004-05-2718+Rakuen Meikyuu Pet - DVDPGDev
Kokudouou ~Doura II~
2000-06-0918+Kokudouou ~Doura II~Dev
Doura III ~Kairaiai~
2001-03-2318+Doura III ~Kairaiai~Dev
Ochi Yuku Seijo
2001-04-1318+Ochi Yuku SeijoDev
2004-05-2718+Ochi Yuku Seijo - DVDPGDev
Shin Gekka Bijin ~Hitori Shizuka
2001-07-1918+Shin Gekka Bijin ~Hitori Shizuka - First Press Limited EditionDev
2001-07-1918+Shin Gekka Bijin ~Hitori Shizuka - Regular EditionDev
2003-02-0718+Shin Gekka Bijin ~Hitori Shizuka - Special Price EditionDev
Maid Hunter Zero One ~Nora Maid~
2002-04-1218+Maid Hunter Zero One ~Nora Maid~Dev
Ryokan Shirasagi
2002-05-2418+Ryokan ShirasagiDev
2007-09-2418+Ryokan Shirasagi - Download EditionDev
Kuroyuki Hime
2002-10-0418+Kuroyuki Hime - First Press EditionPub & Dev
2003-08-2818+Kuroyuki Hime - DVDPGDev
2006-11-2418+Kuroyuki Hime - Download EditionDev
Giin Oyako
2003-04-1118+Giin OyakoPub & Dev
2003-11-2718+Giin Oyako - DVDPGDev
2007-09-2418+Giin Oyako - Download EditionDev
Hiyoko no Kimochi
2003-05-1618+Hiyoko no KimochiDev
Bias {biAs+} Azakeru Koe ga Kikoeru
2003-06-0618+Bias {biAs+} Azakeru Koe ga KikoeruDev
2003-06-0618+Bias {biAs+} Azakeru Koe ga Kikoeru - Download EditionDev
2004-06-2418+Bias {biAs+} Azakeru Koe ga Kikoeru - DVDPGDev
Giin Oyako Celeb ~Kegareyuku Soukyuu no Bara~
2003-09-1218+Giin Oyako Celeb ~Kegareyuku Soukyuu no Bara~ First Press EditionPub & Dev
2003-09-1218+Giin Oyako Celeb ~Kegareyuku Soukyuu no Bara~ Regular EditionPub & Dev
2003-12-1818+Giin Oyako Celeb - DVDPGDev
2007-09-2418+Giin Oyako Celeb ~Kegareyuku Soukyuu no Bara~ Download EditionDev
Jam n' Limit ~Mis/shitsu/Kan/kin
2003-12-1218+Jam n' Limit ~Mis/shitsu/Kan/kinPub & Dev
2004-02-0518+Jam n' Limit - DVDPGDev
2007-07-2018+Jam n' Limit ~Mis/shitsu/Kan/kin - Download EditionDev