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Maid Games

Primary language: English
Official website - VNStat

Maid Games is a studio which has worked freelance on past games for the last few years, whilst designing the Maid Café game series. We have worked freelance for several publishers and worked on the hit game Negligee as freelance coders. Our artist Kopi Anget also worked on that game as well as other amazing titles including the Huniepop games among others.

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Maid Café
2023-08-2518+Maid CaféPub & Dev
2023-08-2518+Maid Café Deluxe EditionPub & Dev
2023-08-2518+Maid Café - Maid Love (patch)Dev
2023-08-2518+Maid Café - Sexy Secrets (patch)Pub & Dev
2023AllMaid Café - Physical Edition (drm-free)Dev