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Primary language: English
a.k.a. Applegate
Official website - VNStat


Nice Day
2010-05-09All agesNice DayPub & Dev
2011-03-27All agesNice Day:againPub & Dev
2012-12-03All agesNice Day:AgainDev
Of Love and You
2011-08-09Of Love and Blowing BubblesPub & Dev
2011-08-23Of Love and Watching FilmsPub & Dev
2011-09-02Of Love and You Nighttime WalksPub & Dev
2012-04-15Of Love and…Pub & Dev
2012-12-06Of Love and YouDev
Reaching Out
2012-11-28All agesReaching OutPub & Dev
2013-05-03Reaching OutDev
Eye Love
2013-04-17Eye LovePub & Dev