Edit history of Force

p1414.62022-01-01 at 09:25seikimatsuForceit's in their logo
p1414.52019-12-28 at 00:15lodadxForceofficial website changed
p1414.42019-04-13 at 05:36Jazz957Forcegiven the url says shift instead of syscom, i would guess that force was a new brand established under a new holding company
p1414.32017-07-04 at 08:19ShinnewForceArchived site.
p1414.22016-09-04 at 20:57Jazz957Forcei'm thinking either they're a brand of ange, or originated from, or are the successor to sorciere
p1414.12010-06-15 at 14:21chikanForceproducer added. there doesn't seem to be any website for them, which would make sense considering they haven't made any games in 10 years.