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Amateur group
Primary language: French
a.k.a. Redef, Re
Official website - VNStat

(English web site)
'Translate, convert, popularize.' - Re*define is a group focused on promoting visual novels.
In particular, running on *Scripter engines - e. g. ONScripter derivatives and ONSlaught -, and translated to French and English.
Also promotes collaboration between translation groups via multilingual projects.

Collaborative relations: KAISERNET and insani.
Organizational group of the 2022 francophone festival of visual novel translations.


The Answer
2022-06-2913+The Answer for ONScripter-EN (unofficial)Pub
202313+La Réponse (unofficial)Pub
Kawaisou na Kotori
2022-07-04AllLe pauvre petit oiseau (unofficial)Pub
io [Christmas Eve]
2022-07-06Allio [Christmas Eve] Fix Patch (unofficial patch)Pub
Aru Fuyu no Monogatari
2022-10-11AllUn conte d'hiver (unofficial)Pub
Yume Goshi no Sora
2022-10-11AllJ'ai, moi aussi, vu des rêves au travers du ciel (unofficial)Pub
Saya no Uta
2022-12-3118+Il canto di Saya - mance (unofficial)Pub
Uta Christmas
2022-12-31AllUta - NOËL (unofficial)Pub
Hoshi no Ouji-sama
2023-01-22Le Petit Prince (unofficial)Pub
The Question
2023AllLa Question (unofficial)Pub
2023AllThe Question for ONScripter-EN (unofficial)Pub