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Primary language: Japanese
a.k.a. ライプ
Official website - VNStat

Succeeded by: G.J?
Parent brand: TechArts


My Sister ~Sweet Gemini~
1999-12-1018+Sweet Gemini ~Boku no Imoto~Pub & Dev
2003-04-1818+My☆Sister ~Sweet Gemini~Pub & Dev
2006-11-2418+My☆Sister ~Sweet Gemini~ Download EditionPub & Dev
Penciller ☆ Kana
2000-08-1118+Penciller ☆ KanaPub & Dev
Yuki no Nioi to Kaze no Iro
2001-01-2618+Yuki no Nioi to Kaze no IroPub & Dev
2006-05-0518+Yuki no Nioi to Kaze no Iro - Download EditionPub & Dev
Private Emotion
2001-10-1918+Private EmotionPub & Dev
2004-11-1818+Private Emotion - DVDPG EditionDev
2006-12-0818+Private Emotion - Download EditionPub & Dev
Trouble Triangle
2002-05-3118+Trouble TrianglePub & Dev
2006-09-2218+Trouble Triangle - Download EditionPub & Dev
Nonfiction ~Daimei no Nai Love Story~
2002-10-1818+Nonfiction ~Daimei no Nai Love Story~Pub & Dev
2005-07-2118+Nonfiction ~Daimei no Nai Love Story~ DVD-PG EditionDev
2006-07-2118+Nonfiction ~Daimei no Nai Love Story~ Download EditionPub & Dev