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Primary language: Japanese
Official website - VNStat

Producer of loli nukige, mostly specializing in paraphilic infantilism, watersports and such related fetishes.


SOS ~Shoujo ga Omorashi Shichattara~
2009-01-1218+SOS ~Shoujo ga Omorashi Shichattara~ Download EditionPub & Dev
2009-01-1218+SOS ~Shoujo ga Omorashi Shichattara~ Package EditionPub & Dev
Amaenbo Shimai no Omutsu Heya
2010-12-3118+Amaenbo Shimai no Omutsu HeyaPub & Dev
Yuri Kokuhaku
2011-12-3118+Yuri Kokuhaku - Package EditionPub & Dev
2012-01-1418+Yuri Kokuhaku - Download EditionPub & Dev
Chiikano -LittleWetGirl-
2012-11-2418+Chiikano -LittleWetGirl-Pub & Dev
Imouto o Toilet Kansatsusho
2013-09-1718+Imouto o Toilet KansatsushoPub & Dev
Jibun Ijime
2017-12-3118+Jibun Ijime - Download Card EditionPub & Dev
2018-08-0618+Jibun Ijime - Download EditionPub & Dev