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The Demon Lord in Another World
2022-06-1418+The Demon Lord in Another World (unofficial)Pub
Melatonin Magiks
2023-03-2418+Melatonin Magiks Chapter 1 v3.2 + Chapter 2 v9.1 (unofficial)Pub
Adventurer Trainer
2023-06-2918+Adventurer Trainer [v0.1.6a] (unofficial)Pub
Maeve's Academy
2023-07-1218+Maeve's Academy v0.3.0 (unofficial)Pub
Automaton Story
2023-08-0218+Automaton Story v0.1.2 (unofficial)Pub
Takei's Journey
2023-08-0718+Takei's Journey v0.19.2 (unofficial)Pub
Goodbye Eternity
2023-08-2318+Goodbye Eternity (Extra Life) v0.7.9 (unofficial)Pub