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DescriptionHi, I translate VN games I like or some that people request.

I'm also miss labelled here and will not be making any more entries so find my stuff on Patreon or F95 or ULMF.

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[url=]ULMF profile[/url].

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Red Eye Translations

Primary language: English
a.k.a. Red Eye, RedEye789, RedEye781,RedEye95
Official website - VNStat


Furin x Ren'ai! Mama wa Anata no Yokubou Kanaemasu ~Nikuyoku ni Mamireru Shufu Layer no Nichijou~
2022-11-1118+Adultery x Love! Mommy will fulfill your desires!~The daily life of a housewife Cosplayer who is filled with lust~ (unofficial machine translation)Pub
Shinjin 22-sai no Onee-chan AV Debut!! Shinonome Miki - Nee-chan, Dondake Sex Daisuki Nanda yo...
2022-11-23A new 22-years-old older sister's porn debut ~Nee-Chan. Just how much do you love sex~ (unofficial machine translation)Pub
Itsu made mo Musuko no Mama ja Irarenai! 2 ~Kyonyuu Kyoushi no Kaa-san ni Ie Demo Gakuen Demo Amaetai! Aa, Ii yo Kaa-san! Haa Haa, Sugoku Koufun Suru!~
2022-12-0418+I can't be my son's mommy forever! 2 ~I want to be pampered at home and at school by my big-breasted teacher/mother! Aah, yes, Mom! Haa, Haa, I'm so horny!~ (unofficial machine translation)Pub
Yarinaoshi no Christmas
2022-12-1018+A Christmas Redo (unofficial machine translation patch)Pub
Toshinosa Kyoudai to, Wasurerareta Yoru
2022-12-1618+A forgotten night together between a brother and sister far apart in age (unofficial machine translation)Pub
Santa ga Irutte Shinjiteru?
2022-12-2718+Do you believe in Santa? (unofficial machine translation)Pub
Saimin Tanetsuke Jugyou
TBA18+Hypnotised Creampie Class (unofficial machine translation)Pub
Akuma na Kanojo ~Inma na no ni Amayakasu Tanoshimi ni Hamatte, Toro Ama ni Shiboritorarechau Seiya de Seiya na Ohanashi~
TBA18+A demon girl ~Even though she's a demon, I'm addicted to her pampering, as she squeezes it out of me sweetly and tenderly, a story about a very holy and sexual night~ (unofficial machine translation)Pub
Nee-chan no Susume ~Onee-chan no Itazura Seiseikatsu~
TBA18+My sister's advice -A mischievous sex life with my big sister- (unofficial machine translation)Pub
Motemote Datta Hazu no Ore ga Lez no Hahaoya ni Heroine Zen'in Netorarete Mazo Ochi Shita Hanashi
TBA18+A story about how I, who should have been popular, became a masochist and all the heroines were stolen by my lesbian mother (unofficial machine translation patch)Pub