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Primary language: Russian
a.k.a. Слава Ульрих
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Once in a Lifetime
2021-07-1518+Odin raz v zhizni (unofficial machine translation)Pub
See You Yesterday
2021-12-2618+Videlis' vchera - 0.2.0 Extended (unofficial)Pub
2022-03-1918+Zhizn' menjaet vybor Ep. 5 Part1 (unofficial)Pub
Corrupted Love
2022-10-0118+Isporchennaja ljubov' v0.6 (unofficial)Pub
Now & Then: A Tale of the End
2022-10-1918+Sejchas i Togda (unofficial machine translation)Pub
Summer Camp
2022-11-2918+Letnij lager' v0.15 (unofficial)Pub
Family Faring
2022-12-0418+Semejnoe blagopoluchie v0.5 (unofficial)Pub
Dating My Daughter
2022-12-3118+Znakomstvo s docher'ju Chapters 1-4 (v1.00) (unofficial)Pub
2023-02-0218+Vechnost' v0.5 (unofficial machine translation)Pub
Such a Sharp Pain
2023-02-2218+Takaja ostraja bol' v0.5.8 (unofficial)Pub
The Intern
2023-05-2618+The Intern (unofficial)Pub
Bad Tutor
2023-06-0218+Plohoj nastavnik (unofficial)Pub
Carnal Contract
2023-07-1818+Plotskij Kontrakt v0.0.35 (unofficial)Pub
Curse Of The Succubus
2023-07-2518+Prokljatie sukkuba v0.3 (unofficial)Pub
Friends in Need
2023-09-0418+Mecenat (Druz'ja V Nuzhde) v0.39 (unofficial)Pub
Life in Middle East
2023-09-0418+Vostochnaja Zhizn' v0.6 (unofficial)Pub
Sunshine Love
2024-01-1318+Solnechnaja Ljubov' Ch. 1-3 (unofficial)Pub