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Primary language: Russian
a.k.a. Sveta_Soandso
Official website - VNStat

Russian EN-RU translator


The Office
2022-10-1818+Ofis Episode 3 v0.1 (unofficial)Pub
Girlfriend Tapes
2023-02-1618+Lenta Devushki Moej v0.9 (unofficial)Pub
Power Vacuum
2023-04-0318+Sila Vakuuma Ch. 1-11 + What If (unofficial)Pub
Long Story Short
2023-04-1618+Long Story Short 0.8.3a (unofficial)Pub
2023-06-0618+Long Story Short - Unofficial Ren'Py Port v0.7 build 27 (unofficial)Pub
The Singer
2023-05-1418+Pevchaja Ptica v0.5.5 (unofficial)Pub
A Couple's Duet of Love & Lust
2023-06-0118+Supruzheskij Duet Ljubvi i Strasti v0.8.3 (unofficial)Pub