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2008-09-25Dreams of the Skies(developer, publisher)
2008-09-25All ages     Dreams of the Skiesdeveloper, publisher 
2010-04-01Luka(developer, publisher)
2010-04-01All ages     Lukadeveloper, publisher 
2011-05-14Anton's Vacation(developer, publisher)
2011-05-1416+     Anton's Vacation Episode One: The Orange Duck Tape Experiencedeveloper, publisher 
2011-12-2516+     Anton’s Vacation Episode Two: A Náme Christmas Caroldeveloper, publisher 
2011-10-05Dreams of the Skies(developer, publisher)
2011-10-05All ages     Dreams of the Skiesdeveloper, publisher 
2012-12-14The Halberd and the Tiger(developer)
2012-12-14All ages     The Halberd and the Tigerdeveloper 
2013-03-17Rising Angels(developer, publisher)
2013-03-1716+     Rising Angelsdeveloper, publisher 
2016-03-18     Rising Angels: Hope Part 1developer2 
2016-04-01     Rising Angels: Hope Part 2 (patch)developer2 
2016-04-23     Rising Angels: Hope Part 3 (patch)developer2 
2018-06-16     Rising Angels: Hopedeveloper, publisher3 
2013-10-31Rising Angels: Reborn(developer, publisher)
2013-10-3114+      Rising Angels: Reborndeveloper, publisher 
2014-09-1214+     Rising Angels: Reborn Extendeddeveloper, publisher4 
2013-12-23Pyrite Heart(developer)
2013-12-23All ages     Pyrite Heart - Voiceless Editiondeveloper 
2014-01-21All ages     Pyrite Heart - Voiced Editiondeveloper 
2014-09-26All ages     Pyrite Heart - Steam Editiondeveloper2 
2015-03-31Perceptions of the Dead(publisher)
2015-03-31   Perceptions of the Deadpublisher 
2016-11-03Nightmare on Ra Street(developer, publisher)
2016-11-03     Nightmare on Ra Streetdeveloper, publisher1 
2017-02-15Rising Angels: Fates Allegiance(developer, publisher)
2017-02-15     Rising Angels: Fates Allegiancedeveloper, publisher1 
2017-08-17Order of Ataxia: Initial Effects(developer)
2017-08-17     Order of Ataxia: Initial Effectsdeveloper3 
2017-12-05Rising Angels: Hope Bonus Episodes(developer, publisher)
2017-12-05     Rising Angels: Hope Bonus Episode 1developer
2017-12-24     Rising Angels: Hope Bonus Episode 2developer
2018-06-16     Rising Angels: Hope Bonus Episode 3developer
2018-06-16     Rising Angels: Hopedeveloper, publisher3 
2019-05-20Rising Angels: Judgment(developer, publisher)
2019-05-20     Rising Angels: Judgmentdeveloper, publisher1 
TBARising Angels: Fates(developer, publisher)
TBA     Rising Angels: Fatesdeveloper 
TBA     Rising Angels: Fates - Free Editiondeveloper, publisher