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Amateur group
Primary language: Japanese
a.k.a. Natukon
Official website - VNStat

Circle owned by Natsumi (scenario) and Konno (artist).


Hurtbreak Wonderland
2007-12-31All agesHurtbreak WonderlandPub & Dev
2008-04-02All agesHurtbreak Wonderland - Download EditionPub & Dev
Hurtbreak Wonderland +
2010-01-17All agesHurtbreak Wonderland +Pub & Dev
Toratora -Trouble Travel-
2011-08-1515+Toratora -Trouble Travel-Pub & Dev
Haitoku Sensation
2013-01-1818+Haitoku SensationPub & Dev
Itoshi no☆My Master
2013-12-3118+Itoshi no☆My Master - Download EditionPub & Dev
Asu Owaru Sekai, Sono Zen'ya
2014-06-09All agesAsu Owaru Sekai, Sono Zen'yaPub & Dev
Princess Holiday
2014-08-0818+Princess Holiday - Trial EditionPub & Dev
2014-09-0218+Princess HolidayPub & Dev
Akane to Nazuna no, Love Love☆Yuri Seikatsu
2016-08-1418+Akane to Nazuna no, Love Love☆Yuri SeikatsuPub & Dev
2016-12-2918+Yurinate!Pub & Dev
Houkago Yuri Ecchi
2018-05-0718+Houkago Yuri EcchiPub & Dev
Natsuzora Astraythem
TBA18+Natsuzora AstraythemPub & Dev