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Black Package


Primary language: Japanese
a.k.a. ブラパ
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Spawned: Black Package Try Undercover
Originated from: Discovery
Parent brand: Disc Co., Ltd., Edge Co., Ltd., Geo Corporation

Black Package was founded in 1995 by several ex-Discovery staff, initially as a brand of Disc Co., Ltd.. Later that year, Geo Corporation acquired Discovery and Black Package from Disc Co., Ltd.. Then, in 1996, Black Package became a brand of the newly formed Edge Co., Ltd..

The independent Black Package was mostly staffed by those who worked on Miwaku no Chousho, and on games from Frontier and Discovery games such as Marine Rouge. The staff on Kara no Naka no Kotori did not stay on with Black Package and instead started their own company, Studio B-Room.


Miwaku no Chousho
1995-12-0818+Miwaku no ChoushoDev
1995-12-0818+Miwaku no Chousho - Regular EditionDev
1996-09-2818+Miwaku no Chousho - First Press EditionDev
1996-09-2818+Miwaku no Chousho (Second Edition)Dev
Kara no Naka no Kotori
1996-02-2918+Kara no Naka no KotoriDev
1996-12-0618+Kara no Naka no KotoriDev
1996-09-1318+Get!Pub & Dev
1996-12-1318+Get!Pub & Dev
Ekudorado ~Kagami no Naka no Oukoku~
1997-02-1418+Ekudorado ~Kagami no Naka no Oukoku~Pub & Dev
1997-04-2418+Ekudorado ~Kagami no Naka no Oukoku~Pub & Dev
Chikai no Essence
1997-07-3118+Chikai no EssencePub & Dev
Reversible Karte RK
1997-11-1418+Reversible Karte RKPub & Dev
Renkinjutsu no Musume
1998-05-2818+Renkinjutsu no MusumePub & Dev
Precious Love
1998-12-2418+Precious LovePub & Dev
1999-07-2318+UtsusemiPub & Dev
Oumagatoki no Kioku
2000-01-2818+Oumagatoki no KiokuPub & Dev
Chat Shiyou yo!
2000-06-2318+Chat Shiyou yo!Pub & Dev
2000-08-2518+KamiutaPub & Dev
Cos☆Para ~Happy Costume Paradise~
2001-06-1518+Cos☆Para ~Happy Costume Paradise~Pub & Dev
I-ke-na-i ♥ Oshigoto
2002-12-1318+I-ke-na-i ♥ Oshigoto - First Press EditionPub & Dev
Shikkoku no Hana
2003-01-3118+Shikkoku no Hana - Recovery EditionDev
2003-03-2718+Shikkoku no Hana - Tall Case EditionDev
2006-03-2818+Shikkoku no Hana - Download EditionDev
Ikenai☆Shutter Chance!
2003-09-1218+Ikenai☆Shutter Chance!Pub & Dev
Shikon no Toki
2003-11-1418+Shikon no TokiDev
Harem Days
2004-02-1318+Harem DaysPub & Dev
Kuroyuri no Yakata
2004-03-1218+Kuroyuri no YakataDev
2006-11-1018+Kuroyuri no Yakata - Download EditionDev
Suku x Suku
2004-04-0918+Suku x SukuPub & Dev
Erokko Grow Up
2004-07-3018+Erokko Grow UpPub & Dev
2016-08-0318+Erokko Grow Up UCDev
Himawarigaoka Sougou Byouin e Youkoso ♥
2004-11-1218+Himawarigaoka Sougou Byouin e Youkoso ♥Pub & Dev
2014-07-3118+Himawarigaoka Sougou Byouin e Youkoso - DVDPGDev
2016-10-2118+Himawarigaoka Sougou Byouin e Youkoso ♥ UCDev
Sweet and Sweet
2004-12-1018+Sweet and Sweet - First Press EditionPub & Dev
Mama Mama!?
2005-04-1518+Mama Mama!?Pub & Dev
2008-03-2118+Mama Mama!? - Download EditionPub & Dev
Gakuen Shojo Gari
2005-06-1018+Gakuen Shojo GariDev
2007-03-0218+Gakuen Shojo Gari - Download EditionDev
Puchipuchi Gohoushi
2005-07-1518+Puchipuchi GohoushiPub & Dev
2011-02-1018+Puchipuchi Gohoushi - Download EditionPub & Dev
Ore no Miko-sama ~Ore Miko~
2005-10-1418+Ore no Miko-sama ~Ore Miko~Pub & Dev
2014-11-2018+Ore Miko UCDev
Sentakuya Shin-chan
2006-04-1418+Sentakuya Shin-chanPub & Dev
2009-01-1618+Sentakuya Shin-chan - Download EditionPub & Dev
Oshiete! Bloomer Sensei
2006-07-2818+Oshiete! Bloomer SenseiPub & Dev
Futago Ane ~Ane x 2 to no Ecchi na Kankei~
2006-10-1318+Futago Ane ~Ane x 2 to no Ecchi na Kankei~Pub & Dev
2008-10-0318+Futago Ane ~Ane x 2 to no Ecchi na Kankei~ Download EditionPub & Dev
2010-08-2618+Futago Ane ~Ane x 2 to no Ecchi na Kankei~ DVDPGDev
Momo x Momi ~Watashi, Iyashichaimasu~
2007-06-1518+Momo x Momi ~Watashi, Iyashichaimasu~Pub & Dev
2014-05-2918+Momo x Momi ~Watashi, Iyashichaimasu~ DVDPGDev
Hitozuma Harem ~Koko wa Hitozuma Rakuensou~
2007-11-0918+Hitozuma Harem ~Koko wa Hitozuma Rakuensou~Pub & Dev
2010-10-2818+Hitozuma Harem ~Koko wa Hitozuma Rakuensou~ DVDPGDev
2010-11-1218+Hitozuma Harem ~Koko wa Hitozuma Rakuensou~ Download EditionPub & Dev
6nin no Onna Kyoushi
2008-09-1218+6nin no Onna KyoushiPub & Dev
2009-12-0418+6nin no Onna Kyoushi - Download EditionPub & Dev
2010-09-3018+6nin no Onna Kyoushi - DVDPGDev
Chuchu Heaven
2009-01-10Chuchu Heaven - Trial EditionPub & Dev
2009-02-1318+Chuchu HeavenPub & Dev
2014-06-2618+Chuchu Heaven - DVDPGDev
Onsen Kankou Yukemuri Chijou
2009-04-1018+Onsen Kankou Yukemuri ChijouPub & Dev
2014-05-0118+Onsen Kankou Yukemuri Chijou - DVDPGDev
Nuru Puri
2009-07-1018+Nuru PuriPub & Dev
2010-11-2518+Nuru Puri - DVDPGDev
2011-07-2218+Nuru Puri - Download EditionPub & Dev
Inran OL Sawatari Tokiko ~Onna-tachi no Inbi na Sugao~
2009-09-1118+Inran OL Sawatari Tokiko ~Onna-tachi no Inbi na Sugao~ Package EditionPub & Dev
2010-01-0818+Inran OL Sawatari Tokiko ~Onna-tachi no Inbi na Sugao~ Download EditionPub & Dev
2010-07-2918+Inran OL Sawatari Tokiko ~Onna-tachi no Inbi na Sugao~ DVDPGDev
2011-04-2818+Inran OL Sawatari Tokiko ~Onna-tachi no Inbi na Sugao~ Best Price EditionPub & Dev
Michibikareshi Mono-tachi no Rakuen ~BEDLAM~
2014-05-3018+Michibikareshi Mono-tachi no Rakuen ~BEDLAM~ Trial EditionPub
2014-06-2718+Michibikareshi Mono-tachi no Rakuen ~BEDLAM~ Package EditionPub
2014-06-2718+Michibikareshi Mono-tachi no Rakuen ~BEDLAM~ Download EditionPub