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Underground Campaign

Amateur group
Primary language: Japanese
a.k.a. UG, UGCP
Official website - VNStat

A doujin group formed primarily for the creation of bara eroge.


2003-03-2118+UtsurogamiPub & Dev
Ore to Mahou no Koibito
2004-04-1618+Ore to Mahou no KoibitoPub & Dev
200418+Ore to Mahou no Koibito - Trial EditionPub & Dev
2013-03-0318+Ore to Mahou no Koibito - Download EditionPub & Dev
Ie, Tatemasu!
2004-05-0518+Ie, Tatemasu!Pub & Dev
200418+Ie, Tatemasu! - Trial EditionPub & Dev
2007-07-2118+Ie, Tatemasu! - Download EditionPub & Dev
Bouga Kyoukai
2005-08-2018+Bouga KyoukaiPub & Dev
2005Bouga Kyoukai - Trial EditionPub & Dev
2006-09-0518+Bouga Kyoukai - Download EditionPub & Dev
2014-07-0718+Bouga Kyoukai Doppelganger Complete PackPub & Dev
Umisen Yamasen
2006-01-1418+Umisen Yamasen - Trial EditionPub & Dev
2006-08-1318+Umisen Yamasen - Package EditionPub & Dev
2007-06-2218+Umisen Yamasen - Download EditionPub & Dev
Ryuusei-gou ni Notte
2007-11-0218+Ryuusei-gou ni NottePub & Dev
Okinawa Slave Island
2008-05-2718+Okinawa Slave Island - Trial EditionPub & Dev
2010-02-2718+Okinawa Slave IslandPub & Dev
2019-07-2118+Okinawa Slave Island - Download EditionPub & Dev
Bouga Kyoukai: Kanma no Niwa
2008-0918+Bouga Kyoukai: Kanma no Niwa - Trial EditionDev
2009-08-3018+Bouga Kyoukai: Kanma no Niwa - Package EditionPub & Dev
2010-03-1418+Bouga Kyoukai: Kanma no Niwa - Download EditionDev
Maison de M
200918+Maison de M - Trial EditionPub & Dev
2010-09-1818+Maison de MPub & Dev
2011-11-1518+ANA●HOLIC! - Trial EditionPub & Dev
2012-07-2518+ANA●HOLIC!Pub & Dev
2012-07-2518+ANA●HOLIC! + Ryuujin Sanmyaku Touha no ShoPub & Dev
2014-06-2818+ANA●HOLIC! Complete PackPub & Dev
Specie to Chimera
2013-07-1018+Specie to Chimera - Trial EditionPub & Dev
2015-02-2018+Specie to Chimera - Download EditionPub & Dev
2015-02-2018+Specie to Chimera - Package EditionPub & Dev
Gilly no Yakkyoku ~ Gangimari no Shohousen ~
2016-08-2718+Gilly no Yakkyoku - Trial EditionPub & Dev
2017-03-2418+Gilly no Yakkyoku ~ Gangimari no Shohousen ~ DiGiket EditionPub & Dev
2017-03-2518+Gilly no Yakkyoku ~ Gangimari no Shohousen ~ BOOTH EditionPub & Dev
2017-03-2818+Gilly no Yakkyoku - DiGiket Edition for MacPub & Dev
Dokata Kuchi-manhole - Tobi Hen
2016-12-1918+Dokata Kuchi-manhole - Tobi HenPub & Dev
Igyou no Anteros
2019-01-1615+Igyou no Anteros - Free EditionPub & Dev
2019-01-1915+Igyou no Anteros - Paid EditionPub & Dev
Dokata Kuchi-manhole 2 - Keibiin Hen
2019-07-2918+Dokata Kuchi-manhole 2 - Keibiin HenPub & Dev
Inraku no Kumotsu
2022-08-0518+Inraku no KumotsuPub & Dev