NEC Home Electronics


Japanese Company

Subsidiary: HuneX
Parent producer: NEC



1994-07-083x3 Eyes ~Sanjiyan Henjou~(publisher)
1994-07-08   3x3 Eyes ~Sanjiyan Henjou~publisher
1994-09-30Megami Paradise(developer, publisher)
1994-09-30   Megami Paradisedeveloper, publisher
1996-06-28Kokuu Hyouryuu Nirgends(publisher)
1996-06-28   Kokuu Hyouryuu Nirgendspublisher
1996-07-26Megami Paradise 2(developer, publisher)
1996-07-26   Megami Paradise 2developer, publisher
1996-09-27Blue Breaker ~Ken yori mo Hohoemi o~(publisher)
1996-09-27   Blue Breaker ~Ken yori mo Hohoemi o~publisher
1997-04-25Sparkling Feather(publisher)
1997-04-25   Sparkling Featherpublisher
1997-06-06Zoku Hatsukoi Monogatari ~Shuugaku Ryokou~(publisher)
1997-06-06All ages   Zoku Hatsukoi Monogatari ~Shuugaku Ryokou~publisher1 
1997-06-27Albaria no Otome(publisher)
1997-06-27   Albaria no Otomepublisher2 
1997-07-04Wakusei Koukitai Little Cats(publisher)
1997-07-0412+   Wakusei Koukitai Little Catspublisher
1997-07-25Tonari no Princess Rolfee(developer, publisher)
1997-07-25   Tonari no Princess Rolfeedeveloper, publisher1 
1997-09-26Comic Road(publisher)
1997-09-26   Comic Roadpublisher
1997-12-12Aa! Megami-sama!(publisher)
1997-12-12   Aa! Megami-sama!publisher
1998-04-24First Kiss☆Story(publisher)
1998-04-2418+   First Kiss☆Storypublisher1 
1999-06-03Dead of the Brain 2(publisher)
1999-06-0318+   Dead of the Brain 1 & 2publisher 
1999-06-03Dead of the Brain ~Day of the Living Dead~(publisher)
1999-06-0318+   Dead of the Brain 1 & 2publisher