Japanese Company

Spawned: Haoh
Parent producer: Excellents



1994-07-20H+(developer, publisher)
1994-07-2018+   H+developer, publisher 
1995-08-25May Club(developer, publisher)
1995-08-2518+   May Clubdeveloper, publisher 
1996-10-2518+   May Clubdeveloper 
2012-10-2218+    May Clubdeveloper 
2012-11-2018+   May Club DXdeveloper 
2012-11-2018+   May Club DXdeveloper 
1996-08-23Yuugiri ~Ningyoushi no Isan~(developer, publisher)
1996-08-2318+   Yuugiri ~Ningyoushi no Isan~developer, publisher 
1996-08-3018+   Yuugiri ~Ningyoushi no Isan~ CD Editiondeveloper, publisher 
1997-08-0118+   Yuugirideveloper 
1996-11-29Saint Diary ~Sei-chan no Nikki~(developer, publisher)
1996-11-2918+   Saint Diary ~Sei-chan no Nikki~developer, publisher 
1996-11-2918+    Saint Diary ~Sei-chan no Nikki~ CD Editiondeveloper, publisher 
1997-06-13May Club 2(developer)
1997-06-1318+   May Club 2developer 
1998-01-30Seikimatsu Taimaden Tsumugi-chan SOS(developer, publisher)
1998-01-3018+   Seikimatsu Taimaden Tsumugi-chan SOSdeveloper, publisher
1998-08-14Sumomo Hakusho~Anata to Itsumade mo(developer)
1998-08-1418+   Sumomo Hakusho~Anata to Itsumade mo - Limited Editiondeveloper
1998-08-1418+   Sumomo Hakusho~Anata to Itsumade mo - Regular Editiondeveloper
2001-07-1318+   Sumomo Hakusho ~Anata to Itsumade mo~ Paradise 38 Series - Low Price Editiondeveloper
2001-07-1318+   Sumomo Hakusho ~Anata to Itsumade mo~ Paradise 38 Series - Toolcase Editiondeveloper
1998-11-06Fuyajou ~Hikisakareta Junketsu~(developer, publisher)
1998-11-0618+   Fuyajou ~Hikisakareta Junketsu~developer, publisher
1999-01-14Jumoku Hime(developer, publisher)
1999-01-1418+   Jumoku Himedeveloper, publisher 
2008-09-0418+   Jumoku Hime - Download Editiondeveloper, publisher 
1999-03-12W ~Chinurareta Hanayome~(developer, publisher)
1999-03-1218+   W ~Chinurareta Hanayome~developer 
2005-04-1518+   W ~Chinurareta Hanayome~ Download Editiondeveloper, publisher
1999-05-14Otona no Omochaya-san(developer)
1999-05-1418+   Otona no Omochaya-sandeveloper
2000-12-0818+   Otona no Omochaya-san - Paradise 38 Seriesdeveloper
1999-07-14Sei Inma ~Ijimete Inku-chan~(developer)
1999-07-1418+   Sei Inma ~Ijimete Inku-chan~developer 
2000-12-0818+   Sei Inma ~Ijimete Inku-chan~ Paradise 38 Series - Low Price Editiondeveloper