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Primary language: English
a.k.a. Wright1000
Official website - VNStat


Finding a Murderer
2011-04-1513+Finding a MurdererPub & Dev
Memory Loss
2011-04-20All agesMemory LossPub & Dev
Crime Investigation
2011-04-24All agesCrime InvestigationPub & Dev
Stay Away from the Graveyard
2011-04-26All agesStay Away from the GraveyardPub & Dev
Last Day at School
2011-05-18All agesLast Day at SchoolPub & Dev
2011-06-2313+EmailPub & Dev
2011-06-29All agesLonesomePub & Dev
Hired Gun
2011-08-06All agesHired GunPub & Dev
Hired Gun 2: Vengeance
2011-09-24All agesHired Gun 2: VengeancePub & Dev
Man At Arms
2011-09-3013+Man At ArmsPub & Dev
The Phantom Caller
2011-12-02All agesThe Phantom CallerPub & Dev
Hired Gun 3 - Reunion
2011-12-0213+Hired Gun 3 - ReunionPub & Dev
Street Girl
2012-02-2116+Street GirlPub & Dev
Free Love
2012-02-2313+Free LovePub & Dev