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Nasha Versiya

Наша версия

Amateur group
Primary language: Russian
a.k.a. Knivy
Official website - VNStat

Nasha Versiya and Our Version are two parts of one Russian team called «Наша версия». They are not originated from each other or smth, it's one team in Russian, but some members use one way to put our name into latin letters, and others – another. Those could be called imprints if there was a possibility to add here the parent brand in Russian without romaji.
Nasha Versiya is typically specialized in small games, while Our Version translates visual novels of any size.
Our Version: link
As a matter of fact, all of the translations of visual novels from this branch of Nasha Versiya were made mostly by translator Knivy (u15989), so this nickname was added to the group name.


The Stolen Diamond Ring
2010-10-18AllPohischennoe kol'co s brilliantom (unofficial patch)Pub
Songs of Araiah
2011-06-2212+Pesni Araji (unofficial)Pub
Gaming Buddy
2011-06-22AllTovarisch v igrah (unofficial)Pub
One Lazy Saturday
2011-06-2312+V odnu lenivuju subbotu (unofficial)Pub
Gaming Buddy R
2011-06-23AllTovarisch v igrah: rimejk (unofficial)Pub
Open Days
2011-06-2616+Otkrytye dni (unofficial)Pub
Reputation Disaster
2011-07-04AllKrah reputacii: uchebnyj simuljator (unofficial)Pub
Let Me Save You! Your Faithful Companion
2011-07-0612+Pozvol' tebja spasti! Tvoj vernyj partnjor. (unofficial)Pub
My Magical Cosplay Cafe
2011-07-08AllMojo magicheskoe kosplej-kafe (unofficial)Pub
>Start >Fight >Run
2011-07-09All>Nachat' >Srazhat'sja >Bezhat' (unofficial)Pub
Last Tuesday
2012-04-24AllPoslednij vtornik (unofficial)Pub
2012-05-0212+V odinochestve (unofficial)Pub
Faery Tale
2012-05-0516+Volshebnaja skazka (unofficial)Pub
The Most Offensive Game Ever
2012-05-1912+Samaja oskorbitel'naja igra v mire (unofficial)Pub
The Rutabega
2012-06-08AllBrjukva (unofficial)Pub
Working Woman
2012-06-14AllRabotajuschaja zhenschina (unofficial)Pub
I vsego-to neskol'ko mesjacev...
2015-06-2216+I vsego-to neskol'ko mesjacev...Pub & Dev