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Name (romaji)H.M.Ph.m.p
Original nameh.m.p[empty]


Japanese Company
a.k.a. エイチエムピィ
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Subsidiary: Sepia

An adult video maker.



1997-04-18Kaori Climax(developer, publisher)
1997-04-1818+   Kaori Climaxdeveloper, publisher
1997-05-09Ice Cream(developer, publisher)
1997-05-0918+   Ice Creamdeveloper, publisher
1997-10-10Kaori Climax 2 ~Mezase Sekai no Hayase Kaori~(developer, publisher)
1997-10-1018+   Kaori Climax 2 ~Mezase Sekai no Hayase Kaori~developer, publisher
1998-04-24Tsumi Guiltia(developer, publisher)
1998-04-2418+   Tsumi Guiltiadeveloper, publisher
1998-06-19Tropical Memories ~Natsuiro no Symphony~(developer, publisher)
1998-06-1918+   Tropical Memories ~Natsuiro no Symphony~developer, publisher
1998-11-13The Hustle(developer, publisher)
1998-11-1318+   The Hustledeveloper, publisher
1998-12-04Kanpai(developer, publisher)
1998-12-0418+   Kanpaideveloper, publisher
1999-05-21Hikari no Naka de Dakishimete(publisher)
1999-05-2118+   Hikari no Naka de Dakishimetepublisher
1999-11-26Omochazuma(developer, publisher)
1999-11-2618+   Omochazumadeveloper, publisher
2000-01-01Kurayami Zaka no Ie(developer, publisher)
2000-01-0118+   Kurayami Zaka no Iedeveloper, publisher
2000-08-04Rush ~Kiken no Kaori Crisis: 2014~(developer, publisher)
2000-08-0418+   Rush ~Kiken no Kaori Crisis: 2014~developer, publisher