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a.k.a. PrincessSoft
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Parent brand : Oaks Co., Ltd.

Princess Soft is a Japanese company specializing in the publishing and development of visual novel video games. It has two sister brands: Primavera, which specializes in female oriented products, and Nine's Fox, which also releases ports of adult visual novels. None of the three brands have released any products since 2009 and the company seems defunct.

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2001-04-26Shin Ruriiro No Yuki ~Furimukeba Tonari ni~(publisher)
2001-04-26   Furimukeba Tonari nipublisher 
2001-07-26   KoiYohoupublisher 
2001-08-30Suki da yo!(publisher)
2001-08-30   Nukumori no Naka de ~in the warmth~publisher 
2001-10-25D+Vine [Luv](publisher)
2001-10-25   D+Vine [Luv] - Limited Editionpublisher 
2001-10-25   D+Vine [Luv] - Regular Editionpublisher 
2002-10-31   D+Vine [Luv] (DreKore)publisher 
2001-12-2721-Two One-(publisher)
2001-12-27   21-Two One- Regular Editionpublisher 
2001-12-27   21-Two One- First Press Limited Editionpublisher 
2002-10-31   21-Two One- DreKorepublisher 
2002-01-31Yukiusagi(developer, publisher)
2002-01-31All ages   Yukinko☆Burningdeveloper, publisher 
2002-02-28All ages   Nijuueipublisher 
2002-02-28All ages   Shadow and Shadowpublisher 
2002-05-30Natsuiro no Sunadokei(developer, publisher)
2002-05-30All ages   Natsuiro no Sunadokei - First Press Limited Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2002-05-30All ages   Natsuiro no Sunadokei - Regular Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2002-06-27Metal Wolf(developer, publisher)
2002-06-27   Metal Wolfdeveloper, publisher 
2006-02-2315+   Metal Wolf REVdeveloper, publisher 
2002-07-18All ages   Water Summer - First Press Limited Editionpublisher 
2002-07-18All ages   Suika - First Press Limited Editionpublisher 
2002-07-18All ages   Suika - Regular Editionpublisher 
2002-07-18All ages   Water Summer - Regular Editionpublisher 
2002-10-24   Mei☆Puru - First Press Limited Editionpublisher 
2002-10-24   Ready☆Maidpublisher 
2002-11-28Cafe Little Wish(publisher)
2002-11-28   Cafe Little Wish - Trial Editionpublisher
2003-02-1418+   Cafe Little Wish - First Press Editionpublisher 
2003-05-29   Cafe Little Wish - Dreamcast Editionpublisher 
2003-05-29   Cafe Little Wish ~Mahou no Recipe~ First Press Limited Editionpublisher 
2003-05-29   Cafe Little Wish ~Mahou no Recipe~ Regular Editionpublisher 
2003-02-27Happy Breeding(publisher)
2003-02-27All ages   Happy Breeding - Limited Editionpublisher 
2003-02-27All ages   Happy Breeding ~Cheerful Party~ Regular Editionpublisher 
2003-02-27All ages   Happy Breeding ~Cheerful Party~ First Press Editionpublisher 
2003-05-01Kimi ga Nozomu Eien(publisher)
2003-05-01All ages   Kimi ga Nozomu Eien ~Rumbling hearts~ First Press Limited Editionpublisher 
2003-05-01All ages   Kimi ga Nozomu Eien ~Rumbling hearts~ Regular Editionpublisher 
2003-05-22Phantom of Inferno(publisher)
2003-05-2217+   Phantom of Inferno - First Press Limited Editionpublisher 
2003-05-2217+   Phantom of Inferno - Regular Editionpublisher 
2003-07-17All ages   Marginalpublisher 
2003-07-17All ages   Marginal ~Ano Toki no Tooi Yakusoku o~ First Press Limited Editionpublisher 
2003-07-17All ages   Marginal ~Ano Toki no Tooi Yakusoku o~ Regular Editionpublisher 
2003-07-31Sakura ~Setsugekka~(developer, publisher)
2003-07-31All ages   Sakura ~Setsugekka~ First Press Limited Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2003-07-31All ages   Sakura ~Setsugekka~ Regular Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2005-05-27All ages   Sakura ~Setsugekka~ Kachoufuugetsu Premium Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2003-09-25Natsuiro Komachi(publisher)
2003-09-25All ages   Natsuiro Komachi <Ichiji Senka> - First Press Limited Editionpublisher 
2003-09-25All ages   Natsuiro Komachi <Ichiji Senka> - Regular Editionpublisher 
2003-10-23Lost Passage(publisher)
2003-10-23All ages   Lost Passage ~Ushinawareta Hitofushi~ First Press Limited Editionpublisher 
2003-10-23All ages   Lost Passage ~Ushinawareta Hitofushi~ Regular Editionpublisher 
2003-12-25All ages   Moekanpublisher 
2004-02-05All ages   Moekan ~Moekkojima e Youkoso~ First Press Limited Editionpublisher 
2004-02-05All ages   Moekan ~Moekkojima e Youkoso~ Regular Editionpublisher 
2004-03-25Tenohira o, Taiyou ni(publisher)
2004-03-25All ages   Tenohira o, Taiyou ni ~Eikyuu no Kizuna~ Regular Editionpublisher 
2004-03-25All ages   Tenohira o, Taiyou ni ~Eikyuu no Kizuna~ Limited Editionpublisher 
2004-03-25All ages   Tenohira o, Taiyou ni ~Eikyuu no Kizuna~publisher 
2004-07-0115+   3LDK: Shiawase ni Narouyo - Regular Editionpublisher 
2004-07-0115+   3LDK: Shiawase ni Narouyo - First Press Limited Editionpublisher 
2004-07-29F Fanatic(developer, publisher)
2004-07-2915+   F Fanatic - Regular Editiondeveloper, publisher
2004-07-2915+   F Fanatic - First Press Limited Editiondeveloper, publisher
2004-07-29   F Fanaticdeveloper, publisher
2004-09-30W Wish(developer, publisher)
2004-09-3015+   W Wish - Regular Editionpublisher 
2004-09-3015+   W Wish - First Press Limited Editionpublisher 
2004-12-2915+   W ~Wish~developer, publisher
2004-10-07Final Approach(publisher)
2004-10-0715+   Final Approach - Regular Editionpublisher 
2004-10-0715+   Final Approach - First Press Limited Editionpublisher 
2006-03-0215+   Final Approach - Renewal Package Editionpublisher 
2004-12-22Natsuiro ~Hoshifuru Kohan no Natsuyasumi~(publisher)
2004-12-2212+   Natsuiro ~Hoshikuzu no Memory~ Regular Editionpublisher 
2004-12-2212+   Natsuiro ~Hoshikuzu no Memory~ First Press Editionpublisher 
2005-02-24Doko e Iku no, Ano Hi(publisher)
2005-02-2415+   Doko e Iku no, Ano Hi ~Hikaru Ashita e...~ First Press Limited Editionpublisher 
2005-02-2415+   Doko e Iku no, Ano Hi ~Hikaru Ashita e...~ Regular Editionpublisher 
2005-03-31Cafe Lindbergh ~Bokura no Ren'ai Shinrigaku 2~(publisher)
2005-03-3115+   Cafe Lindbergh ~Summer Season~publisher 
2005-04-28Lovedol ~Lovely Idol~(publisher)
2005-04-2812+   Lovely Idol - First Press Limited Editionpublisher 
2005-04-2812+   Lovely Idol - Regular Editionpublisher 
2005-05-12Magical Tale(publisher)
2005-05-1218+   Magical Tale ~Chitchana Mahoutsukai~ Regular Editionpublisher 
2005-05-1218+   Magical Tale ~Chitchana Mahoutsukai~ First Press Editionpublisher 
2005-06-02Home Maid(publisher)
2005-06-0212+   Home Maid ~Tsui no Yakata~ First Press Limited Editionpublisher 
2005-06-0212+   Home Maid ~Tsui no Yakata~ Regular Editionpublisher 
2005-06-3012+   Hatsukoi -first kiss- First Press Limited Editionpublisher 
2005-06-3012+   Hatsukoi -first kiss- Regular Editionpublisher 
2005-07-07Sora-iro no Organ(publisher)
2005-07-0715+   Sora-iro no Organ -Remix- First Press Limited Editionpublisher 
2005-07-0715+   Sora-iro no Organ -Remix- Regular Editionpublisher 
2005-08-12Final Approach Final fandisk(developer, publisher)
2005-08-12All ages   Final Approach Final fandiskdeveloper, publisher 
2005-11-24Rune Princess(publisher)
2005-11-2412+   Rune Princesspublisher 
2005-12-29White Clarity(publisher)
2005-12-2915+   White Clarity ~And, The Tears Became You~ First Press Limited Editionpublisher 
2005-12-2915+   White Clarity ~And, The Tears Became You~ Regular Editionpublisher 
2006-01-2612+   Finalist - Regular Editionpublisher 
2006-01-2612+   Finalist - First Press Limited Editionpublisher 
2007-12-0612+   Finalist - PrincessSoft Collection (Renewal)publisher 
2006-05-2512+   Tsuyokiss ~Mighty Heart~ First Production Limited Editionpublisher 
2006-05-2512+   Tsuyokiss ~Mighty Heart~ Regular Editionpublisher 
2006-12-0712+   Tsuyokiss ~Mighty Heart~ PrincessSoft Collectionpublisher 
2006-09-2815+   Quartett! ~The Stage of Love~ First Press Limited Editionpublisher 
2006-09-2815+   Quartett! ~The Stage of Love~ Regular Editionpublisher 
2006-11-30Hokenshitsu ~Magical Pure Lesson♪~(publisher)
2006-11-3012+   Hokenshitsu e Youkoso - First Press Limited Editionpublisher 
2006-11-3012+   Hokenshitsu e Youkoso - Regular Editionpublisher 
2006-12-2815+   Yumemishi - First Press Limited Editionpublisher 
2006-12-2815+   Yumemishi - Regular Editionpublisher 
2007-04-2615+   Iinazuke - Regular Editionpublisher 
2007-04-2615+   Iinazuke - First Press Limited Editionpublisher 
2007-12-0615+   Iinazuke - Princess Soft Collectionpublisher 
2007-06-28Que ~Ancient Leaf no Yousei~(publisher)
2007-06-2812+   Que ~Ancient Leaf no Yousei~publisher 
2007-06-2812+   Que ~Ancient Leaf no Yousei~ First Press Limited Editionpublisher 
2007-11-2912+   StarTRain -your past makes your future- First Press Limited Editionpublisher 
2007-11-2912+   StarTRain -your past makes your future- Regular Editionpublisher 
2008-02-28Final Approach 2 ~1st Priority~(publisher)
2008-02-2812+   Final Approach 2 ~1st Priority~publisher 
2008-02-2812+   Final Approach 2 ~1st Priority~ First Press Editionpublisher 
2009-04-3012+   Final Approach 2 ~1st Priority~ Portablepublisher 
2009-04-3012+   Final Approach 2 ~1st Priority~ Portable - Limited Editionpublisher 
2008-10-30Yumemi Hakusho(publisher)
2008-10-3012+   Yumemi Hakusho ~Second Dream~ First Press Limited Editionpublisher 
2008-10-3012+   Yumemi Hakusho ~Second Dream~ Regular Editionpublisher 
2009-02-2615+   Kira☆Kira ~Rock’n’Roll Show~ First Press Limited Editionpublisher 
2009-02-2615+   Kira☆Kira ~Rock’n’Roll Show~ Regular Editionpublisher