Marcel Weyers

German Individual
a.k.a. Massimow
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German author, editor, and translator. He published books, short stories, and translated many story-based video games.



2011-09-09Soulmates(developer, publisher)
2011-09-09All ages       Soulmatesdeveloper, publisher 
2014-08-04All ages    Soulmatesdeveloper, publisher
2011-09-10Anyo's Love(publisher)
2011-09-10All ages    Anyo's Lovepublisher 
2011-10-01My Magical Cosplay Cafe(publisher)
2011-10-01All ages     My Magical Cosplay Cafepublisher 
2011-10-01Double Romance(publisher)
2011-10-01All ages     Double Romancepublisher 
2011-10-01The Cute, Light and Fluffy Project(publisher)
2011-10-01All ages     The Cute, Light and Fluffy Projectpublisher 
2011-10-03All ages     Ripplespublisher 
2011-10-15The Question(publisher)
2011-10-15All ages   The Questionpublisher 
2011-10-20Finding a Murderer(publisher)
2011-10-2013+     Finding a Murdererpublisher 
2011-11-01Attack of the Mutant Zombie Vampire Frogs(publisher)
2011-11-01     Attack of the Mutant Zombie Vampire Frogspublisher 
2011-11-12Break Chance Memento(publisher)
2011-11-1215+     Break Chance Memento Prologpublisher 
2012-01-08Witch Spell(publisher)
2012-01-08All ages     Witch Spellpublisher 
2012-07-23All ages     Witch Spellpublisher 
2012-01-23[text] - A Summer Story(publisher)
2012-01-2313+     [text] - A Summer Storypublisher 
2012-02-12Train of Afterlife(publisher)
2012-02-1213+   Train of Afterlife v1.0publisher 
2012-02-1213+   Train of Afterlife v1.0 Demopublisher 
2012-02-16Phantom Seeds(publisher)
2012-02-1613+    Phantom Seeds - Phantom Samenpublisher 
2012-03-09Café 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~(publisher)
2012-03-0913+     Café 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~ Voiced Versionpublisher 
2012-03-0913+     Café 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~ Voiced Demopublisher 
2015-01-2913+        Café 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~publisher 
2015-01-2913+     Café 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~ Japanese Voice Add-On (patch)publisher 
2015-01-2913+        Café 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~ Deluxepublisher 
2012-03-31Sleepless Night(developer, publisher)
2012-03-3113+                 Sleepless Nightdeveloper, publisher 
2013-05-2013+          Sleepless Nightdeveloper, publisher 
2013-08-209+   A Sleepless Nightdeveloper, publisher 
2012-06-20Legend of the Piper Girl(publisher)
2012-06-20All ages     Legend of the Piper Girlpublisher 
2012-07-10The Elevator(publisher)
2012-07-10     The Elevatorpublisher 
2012-07-19Being Beauteous(publisher)
2012-07-1912+       Being Beauteouspublisher 
2014-08-2112+       Being Beauteous Remakepublisher 
2014-08-2212+     Being Beauteouspublisher 
2015-08-2812+         Being Beauteous Remakepublisher 
2012-07-23RE: Alistair(publisher)
2012-07-23All ages     RE: Alistair++publisher 
2012-08-11Grinning Heart: The Meeting(publisher)
2012-08-1113+     Grinning Heartpublisher 
2012-08-20Ristorante Amore(publisher)
2012-08-2015+     Ristorante Amorepublisher 
2012-08-27Heartful Chance~!(publisher)
2012-08-2716+     Heartful Chance~!publisher 
2012-08-27The Knife of the Traitor(publisher)
2012-08-2716+     The Knife of the Traitorpublisher 
2012-10-02     Trappedpublisher 
2013-02-11Summer Found Me(publisher)
2013-02-1114+     Summer Found Mepublisher 
2013-03-17This is Where I Want to Die(developer, publisher)
2013-03-1716+          This is Where I Want to Diedeveloper, publisher 
2013-07-05        This is Where I Want to Diedeveloper 
2017-07-0616+           This is Where I Want to Diedeveloper, publisher 
2013-03-31Signed X(publisher)
2013-03-31All ages      Signed Xpublisher 
2013-04-04AMI - Autonomous Mechanical Individual(publisher)
2013-04-04All ages      AMI - Autonomous Mechanical Individualpublisher 
2013-04-29Night at the Hospital(publisher)
2013-04-2914+     Nacht im Krankenhauspublisher 
2013-05-21a2 ~a due~(publisher)
2013-05-2113+      a2 ~a due~ (Combined version)publisher 
2013-06-19dUpLicity ~Uso no Saki ni Aru Mono~(publisher)
2013-06-19All ages     dUpLicity ~Beyond the Lies~publisher 
2013-06-19All ages     dUpLicity ~Beyond the Lies~ Trial Editionpublisher 
2015-01-08All ages       dUpLicity ~Beyond the Lies~ (Steam Release)publisher 
2013-07-05All ages     Nanolifepublisher 
2013-08-09Always The Same Blue Sky…(publisher)
2013-08-09All ages       Always The Same Blue Sky…publisher 
2013-08-09All ages       Always The Same Blue Sky… Demopublisher 
2013-08-20All ages       Always The Same Blue Sky… HD Edition Demopublisher 
2013-08-20All ages       Always The Same Blue Sky… HD Editionpublisher 
2015-03-08All ages      Always The Same Blue Sky… 2.0 - Tablet Editionpublisher 
2015-03-08All ages        Always The Same Blue Sky… 2.0 - Standard Editionpublisher 
2015-03-08All ages        Always The Same Blue Sky… 2.0 - HD Editionpublisher 
2015-03-08All ages         Always The Same Blue Sky… 2.0 - HD + Tablet Editionspublisher 
2015-03-08All ages        Always The Same Blue Sky… 2.0 - HD Edition Demopublisher 
2015-03-08All ages      Always The Same Blue Sky… 2.0 - Tablet Edition Demopublisher 
2016-09-01          Always The Same Blue Sky… 2.0 - HD Editionpublisher 
2013-08-10Leviathan: The Last Day of the Decade(publisher)
2013-08-1018+     Leviathan: Episode I - The First Day of the Decadepublisher
2013-08-1018+     Leviathan: Episode II - Clues from the Pastpublisher
2013-08-20Miranda's Choice(publisher)
2013-08-20All ages   Miranda's Choice - Prologpublisher 
2013-08-20All ages   Miranda's Choice - Ferdinandpublisher 
2013-09-29All ages   Miranda's Choice - Calibanpublisher 
2013-10-02All ages   Miranda's Choice - Arielpublisher 
2013-10-31Sleepless Night 2: Ladies' Night(mare)(developer, publisher)
2013-10-3115+         Sleepless Night 2: Ladies' Nightmaredeveloper, publisher 
2013-12-23A Rose by Any Other Name(publisher)
2013-12-23All ages      A Rose by Any Other Namepublisher 
2014-02-17Grinning Heart: The Voyage(publisher)
2014-02-1713+     Grinning Heart: The Voyagepublisher 
2014-03-3113+     Hammerpublisher 
2014-04-01Midnight Chaos(developer, publisher)
2014-04-0113+         Midnight Chaosdeveloper, publisher 
2014-05-13Exogenesis - Perils of Rebirth(publisher)
2014-05-13     Exogenesis - Perils of Rebirth Demopublisher 
2014-06-07Fear Not(publisher)
2014-06-07All ages     Fear Notpublisher 
2014-06-21All ages    Fear Notpublisher
2014-06-25To Kill A Black Swan(developer, publisher)
2014-06-2516+       To Kill A Black Swandeveloper, publisher 
2014-06-29Days of the Divine(publisher)
2014-06-2912+      Days of the Divinepublisher 
2014-07-07Invisible Apartment(publisher)
2014-07-079+   Das unsichtbare Apartmentpublisher 
2014-08-25Legend of the Silver Fox(developer, publisher)
2014-08-2513+      Legend of the Silver Fox - Demodeveloper, publisher 
2015-02-16Red Ogre and Blue Ogre(publisher)
2015-02-16All ages     Red Ogre and Blue Ogrepublisher
2015-02-16Ghost Fall(publisher)
2015-02-16     Ghost Fallpublisher
2015-04-13Princess Battles(publisher)
2015-04-13All ages      Princess Battles - Steam Editionpublisher 
TBAAll ages   Princess Battlespublisher 
2015-04-27East Tower(publisher)
2015-04-2712+       East Tower - Akio (Steam Edition)publisher 
2015-05-2712+      East Tower - Takashi (Steam Edition)publisher 
2015-06-2612+      East Tower - Kuon (Steam Edition)publisher 
2015-07-2912+      East Tower - Kurenai (Steam Edition)publisher 
2015-05-01The Crane Lady(publisher)
2015-05-01All ages     The Crane Ladypublisher
2015-05-01Mountain Pigeon(publisher)
2015-05-01All ages     Sparrow and Woodpecker/Mountain Pigeonpublisher
2015-05-01Sparrow and Woodpecker(publisher)
2015-05-01All ages     Sparrow and Woodpecker/Mountain Pigeonpublisher
2015-05-01A Sparrow with Her Tongue Cut(publisher)
2015-05-01All ages     A Sparrow with Her Tongue Cutpublisher
2015-05-01An Owl and a Crow(publisher)
2015-05-01All ages     An Owl and a Crowpublisher
2015-05-01The Sparrow’s Gourd(publisher)
2015-05-01All ages     The Sparrow’s Gourdpublisher
2015-05-01Crow and a Scarecrow(publisher)
2015-05-01All ages     Crow and a Scarecrowpublisher
2015-05-21Starfighter: Eclipse(publisher)
2015-05-2118+        Starfighter: Eclipsepublisher 
2016-06-2018+         Starfighter: Eclipsepublisher 
2015-06-04The Censor(publisher)
2015-06-0416+      The Censorpublisher 
2015-07-03How To Take Off Your Mask(publisher)
2015-07-03All ages    How To Take Off Your Maskpublisher 
2015-07-03All ages    How To Take Off Your Mask - Demopublisher 
2015-07-03The Mermaid, the Sea and the Boy's Summer(publisher)
2015-07-03All ages   The Mermaid, the Sea and the Boy's Summerpublisher 
2015-07-11The Tale of the Talking Frog(publisher)
2015-07-11All ages     The Tale of the Talking Frogpublisher 
2015-07-23    Hookedpublisher 
2016-08-08         Rehookedpublisher 
2015-08-1516+       Locked-Inpublisher 
2015-09-29Who is Mike?(publisher)
2015-09-2916+      Who is Mike? - Steam Editionpublisher 
2016-12-23Café 0 ~The Sleeping Beast~(publisher)
2016-12-2313+      Cafe 0 ~The Sleeping Beast~publisher 
2017-07-10Voices from the Sea(publisher)
2017-07-10All ages   Voices from the Seapublisher 
2017-07-10All ages   Voices from the Sea - Pluspublisher 
2017-07-2812+         Ambre - Steam Edition v1.2publisher 
2017-10-04How To Fool A Liar King(publisher)
2017-10-04     How To Fool A Liar Kingpublisher 
2017-10-189+     How To Fool A Liar Kingpublisher 
2017-10-1810+     How To Fool A Liar Kingpublisher 
2017-11-05      How To Fool A Liar Kingpublisher 
2017-10-11Les Quatre Alices(publisher)
2017-10-11   Les Quatre Alicespublisher
2018-01-2413+      Jiseipublisher 
2018-02-15The Diary(publisher)
2018-02-15All ages      The Diarypublisher 
2018-03-09Garden of Oblivion(publisher)
2018-03-0912+       Garden of Oblivion - Steam Editionpublisher 
2018-07-1318+       Black v3.1publisher 
2019-01-3018+         Black v3.1publisher 
2019-03-0118+          Black v3.1.1publisher 
2018-08-08Raven Curse(developer, publisher)
2018-08-0813+      Raven Cursedeveloper, publisher 
2019-03-2413+        Raven Cursedeveloper, publisher 
2019-01-22Tales From Windy Meadow(publisher)
2019-01-22     Tales From Windy Meadowpublisher 
2019-02-01Kokoro o Hiraku Utaikata(publisher)
2019-02-01All ages      How To Sing To Open Your Heart / Kokoro o Hiraku Utaikatapublisher 
2019-02-22Without Within(publisher)
2019-02-22     Without Within (patch)publisher 
2019-04-15The Divine Speaker(publisher)
2019-04-15         The Divine Speaker - Demopublisher 
TBA12+     Witch/Knightpublisher
TBASleepless Night 3(developer, publisher)
TBA15+      Sleepless Night 3developer, publisher