Cyanide Tea

English Amateur group

Imprint: Cyanide Orphans

A duo consisting of Auro-Cyanide and Lorelei Nguyen. Founded in 2011.



2011-10-31Break Chance Memento(developer, publisher)
2011-10-3115+     Break Chance Memento Prologuedeveloper, publisher 
2011-11-1215+     Break Chance Memento Prologdeveloper, publisher 
2013-07-2215+     Break Chance Memento Demodeveloper, publisher 
2015-12-1615+     Break Chance Mementodeveloper, publisher 
2012-04-01Ristorante Amore(developer, publisher)
2012-04-0115+     Ristorante Amoredeveloper, publisher 
2012-08-2015+     Ristorante Amoredeveloper, publisher 
2012-05-08The Elevator(developer, publisher)
2012-05-08     The Elevatordeveloper, publisher 
2012-07-10     The Elevatordeveloper, publisher 
2013-11-04Nachtigal(developer, publisher)
2013-11-04     Nachtigaldeveloper, publisher 
2014-04-02Taarradhin(developer, publisher)
2014-04-02All ages     Taarradhindeveloper, publisher 
2016-05-11Where We Lay Our Scene(developer, publisher)
2016-05-11     Where We Lay Our Scenedeveloper, publisher 
2016-05-12     Where We Lay Our Scene Demodeveloper, publisher